Cerritos Car Accident Attorneys Say, Don’t share, send, or post after a car accident.

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Cerritos Car Accident Attorneys Say, Don’t share, send, or post after a car accident.
Nowadays it seems that some form of social networking app is needed to answer most questions in daily life:
Who’s bringing snacks to soccer?
When is the next meeting?
What’s happening at the office?
What’s next in the service queue?
How much has cousin Joey grown since last week?
Social networking and media sharing platforms connect our sports teams, schools, workplaces and families. They provide a forum for sharing mundane information like schedules, exciting updates like births, birthdays and graduations, and sad information like deaths and illnesses. So it seems natural to share information about a traumatic event like a car accident. It also seems natural to continue posting information about your life in the same way you did before the car crash.
Car accident attorneys say, “Not so fast!” After a car wreck, or any accident leading to a personal injury claim, victims should stay away from social media. Anything that is posted on social media could be used against you.
How Social Media Can Hurt Your Car Accident Injury Claim
Once you file a claim for compensation for your car accident injuries, the insurance company or other party will start working to deny your claim. Your goal is to obtain just compensation for your financial and non-financial injuries. The insurance company’s goal is to pay as little as possible.
One way insurance companies reduce their payouts is by showing that your injuries are not worth what you’re are asking for. For example, if you are suffering from panic attacks that prevent you from driving, your pain and suffering damages might include a dollar value for the damage to your social life. If you can’t drive, how can you go out with friends?
If you post pictures of you enjoying an outing with friends, or if someone you know posts a photo of you looking happy outside your house, that single photo could be used as evidence that your social life has not been harmed.
“Throwback” photos are popular on social media. Sometimes the platform chooses an image from the past and puts it on your feed, and sometimes you choose one. Even this can be harmful, according to the car accident attorneys at Cerritos Legal.
How? If the photo is posted after you have filed your claim, the insurance company can say it reflects your current situation. When you deny that, you must produce evidence showing that it was an outdated photo. The insurance company could ask to see all your social media information to verify that the picture is indeed a “throwback.” That one photo opens the door for the other side to gather detailed information about you and your networks. The insurance company can then expand its investigation to include social media activity of others in your network.
Avoid Social Media during Pending Car Accident Claims or Litigation
The smartest approach to social media after you have been injured in a car accident is just to stay away. If possible, suspend or freeze your accounts. That prevents others from posting on your feeds or pages. Even a sarcastic comment or a comment made in jest about your accident, your recovery, or your activities since the accident can be taken out of context and used against you.
Ask friends and family to leave you out of online communications. Ask them not to mention you, post photos of you or comments about you, tag you, or identify you in any way until your claims are resolved. It is possible that even private posts and comments made on a social media platform could be discoverable in the investigation of our claims.
Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney for Help
If you have been injured in an auto accident, call the car accident attorneys at Cerritos Legal today for a free consultation. We know how to build a persuasive case so you obtain the maximum amount to which you are entitled. Our bilingual attorneys can be reached at 562-865-9356. We also speak Tagalog. You can also request a no-obligation consultation through the online contact form.
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